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The Doneist - Issue #3

Good morning, Doneists!And yes, that's a made up word. Because every good brand needs a hook, right?
February 28 · Issue #3 · View online
The Doneist
Good morning, Doneists!
And yes, that’s a made up word. Because every good brand needs a hook, right? And being Doneists? That’s mine. And that’s yours, too. Because you’re here, and we all want to be done with something.
Because the distance between “to do” and “done” can seem like a long way away, well, here’s hoping that this newsletter and the website/blog Busy2Done help make that possible for you. 
OK, it’s a little more than hope. I know it’s going to make a difference.
The point of this newsletter is to give you something to work with, something to think about, and sure, the usual shameless self-promotion. It might morph into more a list of links, but I have some pretty definite thoughts on curation, and that’s that I shouldn’t be throwing a bunch of things at you. 
What should be happening is that any content that comes your way from my desk should be good enough to get you to read, and deep enough that it’s going to help you make progress.
Here’s this week’s bits.

Thought for the Week
It’s screenwriter Ben Hecht’s birthday today. Don’t worry, I didn’t know that, either. And until today I’ve never heard of Ben Hecht. But something happened to him in 1926 that’s worth noting.
While living in New York in 1926, he received a telegram from screenwriter friend Herman J. Mankiewicz, who had recently moved to Los Angeles. “Millions are to be grabbed out here and your only competition is idiots”, it read. “Don’t let this get around.” As a writer in need of money, he traveled to Hollywood as Mankiewicz suggested.
Not the most life-affirming commentary on what to do with your life, but one of my biggest challenges has been to do the things I’ve always said I would do. Like write a book. Or write a lot of books.
The thing that has stopped me in the past is that I read the words of the great ones, like Ken Kesey, Toni Morrison, Stephen King, and I get discouraged. But those are the outliers. 
Plenty of people make a good living doing the thing you WANT to do.
Not the thing you probably do as your “day” job.
And those people? Aren’t super great geniuses either.
So here’s this week’s thought: Don’t let you get in your way. Your vision is as clear as anyone’s. Time to follow it.
And if you’re feeling less charitable, which is kind of my wheelhouse: I’m up against idiots. What have I got to lose?
I Thought This Was Cool
So I’m in between “day” jobs right now. Which means I’ve got some time to think about what I want to be when I grow up. And that’s doing something both creative and useful. Which is why there’s this newsletter. 
Which means this from Kevin Kruse pulled me right in this week.
The Power of Intimate Attention: How To Stand Out, Build A Tribe, And Change The World - Kevin Kruse
Kevin’s one of my “virtual mentors,” which is a great way to say “people I follow on the interwebs and what they say makes sense to me.”
If you ever find yourself thinking about building a “brand,” you’re going to be inundated with people who will give you all kinds of advice how to work it in the real world. That pop ups, email lists, courses, all of that - it works and you need to start doing it immediately. 
Which I’d been doing for the last few months. 
Freaking out about getting my pop ups right, and sending out a bazillion retweets of other people’s stuff. And not really getting anywhere with it because I was trying to cover too many bases at once.
Then I asked myself, “What would I read?”
Take pop ups, for example. 
I hate them.
I feel like you’re hiding behind that shiny little form/landing page/whatever because your content isn’t that great. Take a look at Medium if you haven’t yet: that site? Is about content.
Which is why I recrafted any projects I do from now on.
Because what I’m looking for? 
Is my tribe.
People who see something in what I write that resonates with them. Something they can use to get from busy to done. Something that brings them joy.
Because “deliver joy” is one of the core values of Busy 2 Done.
I want this to be more about signal than noise.
And I want this to be a conversation. A community. A tribe.
Nothing wrong with listicles and cat GIFs. But this (if I do it right) will not just something else we all blip through on the internet on our way to something else.
From the Blog
Be More Like Ike – Busy 2 Done
That’s been sitting around for awhile. If you like the “Eisenhower Box,” I did a PDF that’s a short version of the article with an updated “box.” Drop by Gumroad and get yours for free.
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