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Busy 2 Done Weekly Digest #1

It's the first issue of the Busy 2 Done weekly digest. This may grow over time, but for now it's a sn
August 1 · Issue #1 · View online
The Doneist
It’s the first issue of the Busy 2 Done weekly digest. This may grow over time, but for now it’s a snapshot of some of the things I’ve been reading over the last week, some stuff from the Busy 2 Done website, and the usual blatant self promotion.

Thought for the Week
Part of what prompted me to start Busy 2 Done was seeing how busy I was keeping myself. Nothing wrong with working, and for us as humans, the idea of “never not working” makes sense. We’re designed to work.
But when’s the last time you took a second to do…nothing? I mean no TV, no reading, no Candy Crush: just sat and let the thoughts roll?
Find some time to be idle this week. Call it “me time” if you will. Take some time to care about you.
I Thought This Was Cool
The Brain of a Genius: 5 Surprising Characteristics of The World’s Greatest Minds
This will probably grow to pull in more articles each week, but this is one of my new favorite websites. Sure, listicles are a “thing,” but the way they break down great minds is kind of surprising. Where I struggle with staying on course with what I want to do? Focus.
Because msot of the time people wonder why I’m not socializing like the rest. Sure, I’m an introvert, and that’s part of it. But I’m also keenly aware at 42 of how much time I’ve got left. So I plan on using that time well and wisely. And sometimes that means spending less time around others.
From the Blog
What Would You Say…B2D Does?
I’m still figuring out what the blog needs to look like. More than likely a whole lot of daily questions (I’d like to learn more about you as an audience), and more than a few motivational thoughts.
Which is why part of B2D’s purpose? Is to deliver joy. I believe that a better planned life = a better lived life. And I’m on that same journey.
So here’s the B2D vision, mission, values, and purpose. Like ‘em? Hate 'em? Let me know. 
B2D Elsewhere
Places to connect:
Let me know what you’d like to see from this newsletter. Looking forward to seeing where this goes. Here’s to being less busy, and getting more done!

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